Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys

Intellepro are Australian experienced attorneys who are here to protect your intellectual property. With over 30 years experience in patents and trade marks we can help protect your intellectual property while demystifying the entire process. See how we can help you with a no obligation 30 minute consultation. 

Trademark registration

Protect your brand and gain exclusive rights to use your trade mark for the goods or services you offer. Our trade mark attorneys have over 30 years protecting the brands of Australian business owners. Call us and avoid a letter of demand stopping you from using your business name. 

Patent registration

You have a great idea and our experienced Patent attorneys will help protect your intellectual property. We help demystify the process of turning your invention into a reality. Find out more on our patent registration process. 

design registration

Your design can be protected. If you are designing a product to be manufactured you can protect your design by registering that design. This will give you exclusive rights to your design, protecting your intellectual property and avoid copiers. 

Supporting Innovation

Intellepro has provided support to brand owners, inventors and designers for over 30 years ensuring that a great idea for a new product is properly protected by providing timely and cost effective professional advice by experienced qualified registered attorneys. We develop long term relationships with our clients leading them though the whole journey ensuring the best, widest and broadest protection as part of an overall business strategy.

At the end of the day it's all about trust and honesty. Take the confusion and uncertainty out of the equation and enjoy the peace of mind that you will experience knowing that your intellectual property needs are being attended to by registered and qualified staff at Intellepro. Please contact us today for a complimentary first consultation. We look forward to the opportunity of a long term relationship working with you.

Intellepro have been instrumental in helping us in all aspects of our IP protection. No question too big or too small

Why Intellepro?

We Are Attorneys

We are licensed attorneys that are qualified to advise on trademark, patent and design law matters.

Over 30 Years Experience

Our Primary Attorney has been a registered patent and trade mark attorney since 1991 giving him a wealth of knowledge.

Demystify The Process

Our attorneys break down each step and foreshadow the entire process which ensures that you will not see any surprises. 

Personalised Service

Your business is unique and is why our approach to your trademark or patent registration needs to be personalised. 

All Inclusive Pricing

We provide clear upfront pricing and eliminate any hidden fees you are likely to see with online search services. 

High Success Rate

We have a high success rate which is attributed to trust, communication and our attention to detail with our customers. 

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