IP Australia is the Australian Government agency that administers intellectual property (IP) rights and legislation.

    This is the entry point for all Australian Government legal resources.

    The Council provides clear information about copyright matters and also has a free legal advice service for those in the arts sector.

    A not-for-profit organisation for all types of inventors including creative thinkers, hobbyists, career professionals and entrepreneurs.

    An Australian Government initiative which provides a direct line to government for business development and support including grants and training programs.

    An Australian Government initiative to make accessing government information, forms and services convenient for those planning, starting or growing their business.

    Access to a national network of more than 100 experienced private sector Advisers and Facilitators helping businesses improve their productivity and competitiveness.

    Helps Australian companies to grow their business in international markets, including through administration of the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme and the TradeStart programme, and promotes the Australian education and training sector in international markets.

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